• Platinum Icons box set including 8 prints

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Platinum Icons box set including 8 prints

Platinum prints are among the most beautiful and permanent forms of photographic reproduction, revealing textures, depth and tones that are unmatched by other processes. This is an ancient and complex process, with a dwindling number of specialist printers still able to make these rare and lovely prints. Max Caffell, who makes these beautiful prints for me, has an international reputation as a master of the technique.

The eight subjects included in Platinum Icons are:

Jimi Hendrix Smoking, Masons Yard Studio, London (1967)

Jimi Hendrix: Classic, Masons Yard Studio, London (1967)

The Rolling Stones, Caged, London (1965)

Mick Jagger, RCA studios, Hollywood (1965)

The Rolling Stones, Primrose Hill, London (1966)

Marianne Faithfull, The Salisbury Pub, St Martins Lane, London (1964)

The Yardbirds, Ormond Yard, London (1966)

Eric Clapton, Twickenham film Studios (1969)

All eight prints are available individually on-line in this gallery at the prices shown, or as a complete boxed set here at £23,000.00 GBP plus VAT for EEC based purchasers, which offers the collector a substancial discount.

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